Error when installing CPU Jan 2011 – 8836671 & OUI-67294

Error when installing CPU, could Oracle be more cryptic ?!?


Applying patch 8836671...

INFO:Starting Apply Session at Tue Feb 15 09:14:20 CET 2011
INFO:ApplySession applying interim patch '8836671' to OH '/ora/product/db/10204'
INFO:Starting to apply patch to local system at Tue Feb 15 09:14:20 CET 2011
INFO:Start the Apply initScript at Tue Feb 15 INFO:
The following actions have failed:
WARNING:OUI-67124:Arcssh hive not applied /ora/product/cpu/10249540/8836681/files/lib/libserver10.a/kkxs.o to /ora/product/db/10204/lib/libserver10.a... ''
Archive not applied /ora/product/cpu/10249540/8836681/files/lib/libserver10.a/kza.o to /ora/product/db/10204/lib/libserver10.a... ''
Archive not applied /ora/product/cpu/10249540/8836681/files/lib/libserver10.a/kzvdve.o to /ora/product/db/10204/lib/libserver10.a... ''

Translates to this:

Filesystem             size   used  avail capacity  Mounted on
/ora                   2.9G   2.7G     0M       0%  /ora

And to make matters worse:

1) OUI-67294:
The Oracle Configuration Manager had been installed in the
Oracle Home. Prior to contacting Oracle Support, please
refer to http://www.oracle.com/technology/documentation/ocm.html
for answers to your questions. 

Please complete the configuration of the Software by
invoking the command: 


OPatch Session completed with warnings.

This means actually that OCM hasn’t been installed and that there are no errors.
In fact, the message above shows you need to be at the top of your game. Otherwise, you’d might end up installing more than you bargained for…

sources: http://kr.forums.oracle.com/ & Metalink ID739815.1

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