Retro histogramming in Excel

When catching up on my L-/RPADding for graphical histograms on the sql*plus prompt, i ran across this link on Tom’s blog.

Should come in handy, when building reports in PHP that query (Oracle) databases and saves the results in Excel. Nice.

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Damn PHP

Not for n00bs
How on Earth do you return the column definitions of a table as the names for the start- and endtags ?

On Adobe.com® there is a tutorial for Adobe Flex® where the result of a query to a MySQL® database is returned via PHP as XML. The column names retrieved in this query are looped through and put in the start- and endtags in the XML-document.
Of course, MySQL® isn’t “good” enough >;-) and this is altered to query an Oracle® database….

click for source code.
click for xml result.

Export a query from Oracle via PHP to Excel

The easiest thing you will find on the net for spooling a resultset from Oracle to an Excel format via php, will probably be that you need to add: Read the rest of this entry »